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Regulatory legal acts
29 december 2017, 11:36
Open Dialogue is an open platform for dialogue between the population and the state, which excludes barriers such as distance,…
29 december 2017, 09:15
As of December 1, 2017, the total amount of disbursed investments since the beginning of operation of the special economic zone…
28 december 2017, 11:11
Open Normative Legal Acts is a component of the "Open Government". This portal ensures the participation of citizens in the…
28 december 2017, 09:05
The portal was created in order to simplify citizens' representation about the notion of "budget planning" in the state and…
27 december 2017, 15:50
At the present time, Kazakhstan is working on the formation of an efficient transport and logistics system…
26 december 2017, 15:27
Open data is a site where publicly available data of government bodies are placed in machine-readable form…